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Auto Insurance

As a driver, you are required to carry auto insurance. Coverage is required by your state to legally drive on public roads. This is a legal requirement in most states in the US. But states have different requirements for coverage. You may want to purchase more than the minimum amount because of the benefits provided.

There are several types of insurance including liability, collision, and comprehensive auto insurance.

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Liability is popular because it is the least coverage you can have and drive legally. This coverage assists other motorists should you cause an accident. As a driver, you are financially liable for the damage you cause to others in your car. This includes property damage, vehicle damage, and personal injury. Liability coverage helps pay but you are responsible for any expenses exceeding your coverage limits. Some drivers increase their liability to make sure they have adequate coverage.

Collision and Comprehensive coverage provide benefits to you. In the event of a collision, collision coverage pays for expenses to repair or replace the vehicle. Comprehensive coverage includes collision as well as coverage for loss related to fire, theft, water events, and more. You can modify your coverage to include protection for personal injury, rental car reimbursement, and more.

Being involved in an accident can result in significant expenses. The same is true if your car is stolen or damaged in a storm. There are many events that can affect your financial abilities. Keep this in mind when selecting an auto insurance policy.

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