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Classic Auto Insurance

Classic auto insurance is a type of auto insurance policy that protects classic and antique cars. This type of policy protects the car up to an agreed-upon value between the owner of the car and the insurance agent. Collectible cars typically increase in value rather than decrease, making the insurance policy more carefully thought out.

Who is classic auto insurance for?
Classic auto insurance is for car enthusiasts. More specifically, this type of insurance is for owners of collectible or antique cars. The policies are for individuals who desire to protect their car and ensure it maintains its pristine condition. The owners of collectible cars have a lot of importance associated with collectible vehicles.

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How does classic auto insurance work?
A classic auto insurance policy covers the collectible car’s worth at an agreed-upon value between the insurance agent and the owner. This value is equal to the total worth of the car. The value is often calculated by a professional appraiser, research by the underwriter, and documentation from the owner. If the collectible vehicle were to have a total loss, the insurance agency would provide compensation for the total value of the collectible vehicle.

What are the different types of classic auto insurance coverage in existence?
Classic car insurance is the first type of coverage that covers vehicles that are nineteen to twenty-four years old that are in good working condition.

Antique car insurance is another type of classic auto insurance that covers vehicles that are at least twenty-five years old that are in good working condition.

Modified car insurance covers classic vehicles that have been significantly modified from their original looks.

Other categories of coverage include those for hot rods that have been modified that were manufactured before 1949, vintage cars made between 1919 and 1930, veteran cars made before 1919 and rare vehicles, vintage military vehicles, classic motorcycles, and antique tractor coverage.

What are the major benefits of classic auto insurance?
Classic auto insurance provides coverage for liability, collision, comprehensive, medical and uninsured motorists. There are also options available such as roadside assistance, traveling coverage, auto show medical reimbursement, no attendance required for when an owner is away from his or her vehicle and spare part coverage. it is also possible to negotiate the coverage an agent gives to a vehicle.

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