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Farm Insurance

Farm insurance is a customizable type of insurance that protects both the personal farmer and the commercial property of a farm. This type of insurance covers properties, possessions, and personal liabilities. Something that is different about farm insurance is that it also covers machinery and livestock as well. It is important to note, however, that farm insurance does not cover crops unless it is added on.

Who is farm insurance for?

A farm insurance policy is for farmers who have turned their farms into a commercial business. Since most farmers live at their business or farm, it covers both the home and the farm. It is a combination form of insurance for an individual farmer and for the business as a whole.

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How does farm insurance work?

Farm insurance is very customizable. The most basic package for farm insurance includes liability and property insurance. Add ons can then be put on the policy based on what the farmer and farm needs. Farm insurance agents will visit the farm to assist the farmer in deciding what add ons he or she needs for their policy.

What are the different types of coverage?

There is dwelling coverage that protects the home and farm. There is liability coverage that protects the farm from loss due to injury, damage, medical issues, and legal bills. Other types of coverage include barn or other outbuildings coverage, crop coverage, livestock coverage, and equipment coverage. There are also business coverage options such as loss of business income coverage, workers’ compensation, and commercial vehicle coverage.

There are many benefits to farm insurance. First, it protects the farmer’s income in events like loss of crops or machinery. Farm insurance can also help bring awareness to the farmer about potential things that can happen to his or her farm and how he or she can protect from those things.

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