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Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance protects manufactured homeowners’ property against fire, weather damage, vandalism, and other unforeseen events. Many mobile home communities require both permanent and seasonal residents to insure.

Coverage should start from the moment of purchase and not upon move-in. This timing guarantees to repair or replacement for collision during transport from manufacturer site or installation mishaps at the final destination. Coverage should continue all year, even for seasonal occupation. Insurance agents help customers to base policies on the home’s status as a primary, seasonal, or rental residence.

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Types of Coverage

As with standard homes, you can opt for liability coverage for your mobile home. As a homeowner, you are liable for injuries guests and tenants suffer on your property due to poor maintenance and unforeseen accidents.

Physical Damage
If your mobile home is to face physical damages you will want to be covered. Homeowners need insurance to pay for repairs from the weather (lightning, wind, hail), fire and landslides or floods. Coverage can extend to structures on the home’s land, including garages. It may also include compensation for hotel stays if significant damage or prolonged repairs make a home uninhabitable.

Personal Property
Mobile home insurance protects the policyholder’s personal possessions and valuables inside the home. If any personal items or belongings were to be damaged in a severe weather event or, say, if a car was driven into their home, they would be protected.
Major benefits

Mobile home insurance is an extraordinary financial asset. Home repair and replacement costs can sink a homeowner financially. Peace of mind is priceless when owners know they have protected their families, guests, and tenants in the event of a catastrophe.

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