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Boat Insurance

Boat insurance provides financial assistance to you should your boat get damaged or stolen. This insurance is for boat owners and operators of motorboats, sailboats, and fishing boats. Yacht insurance is often not included in boat coverage, so check with your insurance agent.

How Does this Coverage Work?

You decide the type of coverage you need, the maximum deductible you can pay, and the amount of coverage you need. When you experience a mishap with your boat, you file a claim to get help from the insurance company. You then receive compensation and other damages covered according to your insurance policy.

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Types of Coverage

Property coverage helps repair your boat in case of damage. Your damaged boat will not incur wreckage removal costs. Medical coverage pays for your passenger’s medical care if they are injured on your boat. Special equipment coverage replaces items such as fishing gear, reels, fishing accessories, and tackle bags. And liability pays when you damage another person’s boat or cause injury to another person. Some coverage is optional, such as towing, ice coverage, and fuel spill coverage.


There are always benefits to having useful insurance. And for boat owners, this coverage means knowing any loss will be covered, and costs associated with an accident on your boa, like hospital bills, full trailer repair, and accidents are covered as well. The benefits outweigh the cost, so any boat owner should consider boat insurance.

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