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Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is for people who make money by renting out property. It might be an apartment, condo, business location, or some other type of property. If you rent to tenants, then you are a landlord. Landlord insurance provides various forms of financial protection.

A policy typically covers the actual property. This means you will receive financial assistance in the event of damages due to fire, storms, theft, vandalism, or damage done by the tenant. Associated items might be covered as well. These items are things used in the operation of the building, such as lawnmowers. Legal liability is important because it helps if you are sued. And the more people who enter and leave your building, the more chance you have of someone suing over something. Loss of income coverage is for when the rental building is uninhabitable.

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Landlord’s insurance does not cover things belonging to tenants. You can suggest that tenants get renters insurance, which will cover their property. As a landlord, you are not responsible for their personal belongings.

If you are a landlord, then landlord insurance is something you need. The coverage it provides can keep you from going bankrupt dealing with all that can go wrong in a rental situation.

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