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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

You need recreational vehicle insurance for your RV just like you need insurance for your car. An RV is more like a house on wheels, but it is still a vehicle that is driven on public roads. Before you hit the road in your RV, you must consider your options for recreational vehicle insurance. Your policy is defense against many common mishaps and accidents ranging from flat tires to theft.

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Basic Coverage

If nothing else, get a basic policy with collision and liability coverage. This will come into play if an accident occurs or someone is injured. It will also provide coverage if another party files a lawsuit against you. Some basic policies also include coverage for mechanical components attached to the vehicle, but ask your insurance provider to be sure.

Additional Coverage

Your state probably only requires liability coverage, but that does not mean you cannot upgrade your policy. Depending on how often you drive the RV and what you store inside, you might want to get coverage for your personal possessions. A policy can also cover emergency expenses if your RV breaks down during a trip. You will have to pay a deductible, but the insurance company will help with the total cost.

Your Policy

Your insurance agent can help you decide the best type of policy. But you will need to consider the value of your RV and possessions, where you store the vehicle, and how often you drive the vehicle. An insurance agent can provide more detailed information specific to your situation.”

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